Flag to the rescue

A warbler that was trapped in the lobby of the MobileAccess Company was released through the use of a flag

You may have wondered why the flag of MobileAccess was lowered from the lobby of the company last week at their Airport City site. The answer is that it was used to save a warbler, thanks to the assistance of the IT and Data Security manager of the company and the rescuer from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel.

On Monday this week the employees in the building arrived at work and encountered a warbler that had accidently gotten into the lobby space and was trapped there without being able to get out. The unfortunate bird flew around in the lobby space, where it encountered closed windows, while no one was able to help it.

The employees of MobileAccess contacted a number of bird catchers and various organizations and came up against refusals by all of them to come to rescue the bird. After all the refusals, one of the employees decided to contact SPCA Israel, which immediately sent a rescue worker to the site who had experience in such cases.

The Society’s rescue worker was joined by Nir Sofer, the IT and Data Security manager of the company, and for two hours the two of them attempted to tire out the bird in order to be able to catch it. In the end, the two decided to take down the company flag and use it to rescue the bird. In the wake of the use of the flag that waves in the lobby, the rescue ended successfully. After the bird the bird was examined and found to be healthy, it was released.

The Society’s rescue worker reported that the warbler was exhausted and very tired, but other than that it was in good condition. According to him, warblers live in dense wooded areas and not in open areas, and therefore, apparently, it was trapped in the lobby of the building. If it was not for the rescue, it is very likely it would have died from exhaustion and from the stress it was under.