Accusation of criminal neglect and abuse

After it was burned and injured this dog was also abandoned by its owners. Now it is being treated in the Society’s clinic

The number of domesticated animals is constantly on the rise, with no supervision by the state, and our loyal friends, the animals, are paying the price, since their fate is often dependent on owners who abuse, neglect them and continue doing so.

Our Society went to the police to file a complaint that the owners had violated the animal cruelty law when yet another victim of cruelty and neglect had been brought to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. This time it was a Canaan-breed dog of about a year old, clearly in lots of pain and bleeding, with a suspicious wound next to its right eye. It still is not determined whether the exposed and wounded flesh on the dog’s face was the result of a traumatic burn or of contact with acid, but it is without any doubt that the dog was neglected criminally by its owners, who kept the dog, probably as a watchdog, in their workshop in an industrial area of the city of Holon. And if it was not yet enough that the owners did not give the dog medical treatment, but after it was wounded it was thrown into the street. A passer-by, who could not remain apathetic to the dog’s appearance, brought it quickly to the Society’s veterinary clinic.

Dr Ayah Peri, one of the Society’s veterinarians, tells us that the dog arrived with a terrible wound on its facial area, and other wounds and bruises on its whole body. “The wound was apparently caused by a burn or a chemical substance that was poured on its face. The dog received initial treatment against burns, and the next day was operated upon to restore its face. Now its situation has improved and we hope that the scar will heal quickly”.

This case, as are many other cases, is the result, on the one hand, of cruelty of private individuals who do not have any pity on animals and are not deterred from causing them harm, and on the other hand from lack of supervision by the state upon the growth of the number of domestic animals. The condition of this particular dog is enough of a reason to suspect a violation of the law against cruelty to animals in Israel, and therefore we in the Society decided to file a complaint with the police against the owners of the dog with the hope that they will be brought to justice.

The dog, which deserves a warm and loving home, will be put up for adoption once it recovers and is healthy. For additional details you can contact the Society by telephone: *4553.