Between grass and stone

The Society shares the pain of Yael Artzi (a long time member of one of our committees) and her daughter Noah Tishbi on the death of their beloved dog

Last week we were told that Yeva, the dog of the Society’s committee member, Yael Artzi, collapsed, and that the only thing that could be done to alleviate her suffering would be euthanasia.

Yeva grew up in the home of Yael and her actress/producer daughter Noah Tishbi, who for years have been working tirelessly for the Society and for the welfare of animals. We share there sorrow and we too, will miss the occasional visit to the Society’s clinic, by Yeva.

Below is a letter we received from Yael:

My beloved Yeva collapsed last Friday morning and I had to put her to sleep. She died in peace, and while the veterinarian gave her the injection, I gave her the last piece of her favorite food—butter.
The next day we buried her in a beautiful piece of ground in a pet cemetery.
I couldn’t keep from crying for over three days, and even now, while I am writing these lines I am crying.
Yeva had a wonderful life and she was never sick, except for the injury that occurred three years ago when she was attacked by a huge male dog of a Danish breed. Yeva, who reached 14 years of age, lived 30% more than the average dog of her breed.

Yael Artzi