“A great holiday for the children”

Many visitors enjoyed the special happening that took place this week at the Society in honor of Purim

Dozens of visitors came this week to be at the special happening at the Society, which took place in honor of Purim. The Society was decorated in honor of the holiday; the Holiday Gifts and the refreshments made our place even sweater, and the colorful party was especially joyful.

Awaiting our guests at the make-up station was a make-up artist from the Ravit Assaf School of Make-up and Cosmetics. The faces of our guests were transformed into colorful images of animals. At the creativity station the children enjoyed painting illustrations for Purim and paper Mache dolls. The play center generously donated by the Idans Company was very popular. Many others took advantage of the opportunity to walk the dogs that are up for adoption. Many families adopted dogs and cats that were lucky enough to get a new home. The happy day came to a grand finale when Tomer Tadmor, of “Katomer”, and his friends from the “Tzoanay Hamelech” troupe performed a thrilling acrobatics act.

Our sincere thanks to all the visitors, to the various groups that contributed to the success of the event, to the employees of the Society and to the dedicated volunteers.