A day of good deeds

In the framework of the Day of Good Deeds dozens of volunteers have come to the Society

The Ruach Tova Voluntary Organization started a tradition three years ago, which earned the name of the Day of Good Deeds. In the framework of this day, which is organized for one day a year and is dedicated to helping the Israeli society, people from all over the country are invited to stop their routines for a moment in order to help someone else and to volunteer in one of the hundreds of social frameworks that are offered by the voluntary organization.

The Day of Good Deeds, which happened this year for the fourth time on March 16th, brought hundreds of volunteers, who love animals, to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. During that day the volunteers worked at painting gates, benches and fences, cleaned the yard, planted saplings and flowers, and took the dogs that were up for adoption for walks.

We wish to thank the Ruach Tova Voluntary Association, which initiated the beneficial project, the many volunteers who came and contributed their time and energy, and to Ruth Ben Ami and the volunteers from the Culo Tov Voluntary Organization in Tel Aviv, which helps people with emotional problems.