Who Am I and What is My Name?

Kitten saved from sewer is looking for a name and new owners

Street cats do not lead an easy life, to put it mildly, being constantly exposed to danger wherever they go. Needless to say, those who have the most difficulty are the young kittens who are weak and have not yet developed an immune system, making them more susceptible to disease. The colder months make survival even more difficult, with the kittens’ search for warmth likely to lead them to places where their lives are endangered.

About a week ago a call was received in the Society’s call center. The caller was a shop-owner from Bat Yam who reported that she had been feeding a small kitten for a few weeks through an opening in the sewer near her shop. When the various authorities to whom she turned for help did not respond, she approached the Society, who immediately sent a rescue vehicle to the area. The Society’s rescue person discovered that the kitten was in the sewerage channels and in order to rescue her, the drainage entrance would have to be opened. It isn’t clear how the kitten got inside – perhaps she was born there, or perhaps she got lost in the sewers while searching for food and warmth.

The rescue person called the Veterinary Authority, Dr. Tzarfati, ,who sent a supervisor from his office along with another supervisor from the Traffic Department to open the drainage system. Then, with the help of special equipment, the rescuer managed to get the kitten out and brought her directly to the Society’s clinic.

Dr. Ayah Peri, who examined and diagnosed the kitten, said that she was dehydrated and under extreme stress. After being administered first aid, which included liquids and nourishing food, the kitten was kept in the veterinary clinic for medical observation. The kitten has gained strength in the past week and in another month will be able to move to an adoptive home.

The two-month-old, grey tabby kitten is presently enjoying the attention that is lavished on her by the staff and volunteers. While waiting to go to her new home, she is looking for a name. If you have an idea for a fitting name for this little one, you are invited to enter the Society’s Facebook page to make your suggestion and also to share the information with your friends.

We hope that this sweet kitten will find a home very soon. Should you come upon an animal in distress, please call us to report the incident so that we can help.