The Ilan Summer Camp in the SPCA

The Humanitarian Education Department of the SPCA hosted groups from the Ilan Summer Camp

Summer vacation is at its peak, and The Department for Humanitarian Education of the Society for Protection of Animals in Israel continues to host groups of children and youth from various organizations.

Two groups from the Ilan Summer Camp in Kochav HaShahar took part in a particularly exciting visit. This unique summer camp, designated for those with mild or serious physical disabilities and mental disabilities of all levels, is organized every year by youth from Kochav HaShahar on a voluntary basis.

The visitors took a tour of the facility and met a variety of animals: cats, horses and donkeys, exotic animals such as snakes and ferrets. At the end of the tour, they were able to play with and pet the dogs who are awaiting adoption.

The visit was summed up by Nati Fokowitz, the coordinator: “We looked for an activity that would suit all age groups and levels of intelligence. We found it in the SPCA where we were hosted on a voluntary basis, and we sincerely thank the whole SPCA team for this wonderful day”.

For further details on the Society’s educational activities, please call: *4553.