The Hamster Villa

A large house was built especially for the hamsters that were brought to the Society

Not just dogs and cats find shelter at SPCA, but also horses, donkeys, rabbits, hens and roosters, ducks, birds and others.

Due to the large number of hamsters brought to the Society, most of them from private folks who decided, for whatever reason, they can no longer care for them, a large house, which we call “the hamster villa” was built for them.


The villa was planned meticulously to grant the hamsters optimal conditions in a rich environment and provide for all their needs. It includes several floors, hiding places, a ‘playground’ and various other facilities – all designed for this purpose from natural materials. To avoid uncontrolled reproduction and overcrowding, all make hamsters underwent neutering at the Society’s veterinary clinic.

It’s important to emphasize that the hamster villa is not a petting zoo and the hamsters are not candidates for adoption. Visitors at our shelter are invited to watch the hamsters, and anyone interested in further information of raising hamsters can ask the staff about it.