Pesach Newsletter, 2016

SPCA Israel presents its traditional Newsletter for Pesach

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Greetings from the Chairwoman, Passover 2016
Dear friends,

Two months ago the Society launched a series of enlightening lectures on animal welfare, and as a result, many people who were exposed in this way to the work we do came to our shelter. One of the questions that came up again and again was how they could assist the Society and the animals sheltered within it. In the spirit of mobilization, generous giving and voluntarism that characterize the Passover holiday, I would like to elaborate on this subject in our traditional holiday newsletter.

Donations: As a nonprofit organization whose work is made possible thanks to donations, every gift, large or small, aids us in continuing the work we have been doing for many years for the welfare and wellbeing of animals. Even a donation of equipment and accessories would be welcome. If, for example, you’ve cleaned out your closets for the holiday, we would be greatly helped by old blankets, sheets and towels, and even pet gear and accessories that are no longer in use, such as leashes, collars, pet-carriers, litter-boxes, litter-sand, cushioned beds, cat-scratcher-boards etc.

Adoption: At any given time, there are dozens of abandoned cats and dogs in the SPCA shelter. Their only wish is to have a warm home and loving owners. Our adoption counselors will accompany you in the “responsible adoption” process, which is customary in SPCA, and will help you find a new four-legged friend of your liking.

Voluntarism: A long, pampering walk, a caressing hand and a loving glance contribute so much to abandoned animals, to their attachment to human beings and to their learning of habits that make it easier to find them a home. You are warmly invited to come for volunteer training that takes place twice a week at SPCA. Afterwards, we would love to have you join us and take part as a volunteer, at your leisure, without advance notice. We would also be grateful and glad to make use of the professional skills of volunteers from various walks of life.

The Society’s work: The Society’s Department of Humanistic Education runs hundreds of educational activities each year for various groups, including a guided experiential tour and a hands-on encounter with the animals. You’re welcome to contact us for information on community-contribution days for companies, birthdays with added value and special activities for children. This includes joining the SPCA Members’ Club, in which kindergartens and schools assist animals in different ways.

Medical treatment: Our veterinary clinic is open to the public seven days a week, offering veterinary services at affordable prices. If your pet is not spayed/neutered, these operations can be performed at the SPCA Clinic, thus contributing to the animals’ health while averting over-population and suffering of puppies and kittens cruelly abandoned in the street or that can’t find an adoptive home.

Social networks: A small click can have a big impact. On our Facebook page important messages appear with information about animals that are ‘candidates’ for adoption and various activities. A LIKE or SHARE of these posts will provide greater exposure to many more people.

Reporting: Have you encountered an animal in distress? Don’t just ignore it. Call the Society’s hotline and we will handle the case or refer you to the appropriate entities.

Your ideas and suggestions are important to us. If you have ideas concerning the welfare of animals, please share them with us, and we promise to explore

Wishing you a very happy Passover holiday,

Hilma Shmoshkovitz, Chairwoman (volunteer)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel
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