The Foundling

An orphaned filly and an older mare were rescued from the cycle of suffering

Raising animals requires dedicated care, attention and a lot of love, without which the results can be calamitous. Shirley, a six-month old filly, experienced this personally together with her mother, when their owners did not provide them with appropriate care. The mother, 16 years old, was in an extremely depleted physical state, as a result of which she couldn’t nurse her filly, causing problems in her development.

The mother died three months ago, and Shirley the orphan, who was then a young, three-month-old filly, reached the Horses Home in the SPCA, where horses and donkeys are rehabilitated after suffering neglect and abuse. She was underweight and weak in the pelvis area and hind legs, and, due to a lack of mother’s milk, she needed to gain weight and was started on nutritional supplements and milk substitutes adapted for foals.

Shirley upon her arrival at the SPCA
Shirley upon her arrival at the SPCA

Over the past few months, Shirley has slowly gained weight and strength. She underwent two professional hoof-trimming treatments, and in order to strengthen and rehabilitate her pelvic area and legs, the stable staff is working with her continually, leading her by rope for gentle walks.

Shirley in the SPCA Horses Home
Shirley in the SPCA Horses Home

The one who adopted Shirley and is following her every step, is Cheetah, an eighteen year old mare, who reached the SPCA four months ago, suffering from wounds and in poor physical state herself. During her rehabilitation, Cheetah was given disinfecting washes, fed nutritious food, had her hooves trimmed and has gained weight.

Cheetah - Looking for a warm home
Cheetah – Looking for a warm home

Both the mares, that are inseparable, have to get further vaccinations and worming shots, while Cheetah must have her teeth filed. Now we are looking for reliable adoptive homes with people who have a stable and are experienced in caring for horses. Cheetah can be ridden part of the time while Shirley still needs to be led and helped to recuperate.

The costs of the special foods, vaccinations and treatments that Shirley and Cheetah need, come to thousands of NIS and we are approaching the public to help us rehabilitate them by making donations. Every donation, big or small, will help us to help these two mares.

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