Rescued from a cycle of suffering

Authorities failing to take responsibility and continue to ignore: another donkey rescued and transferred to rehabilitation in the SPCA stables

While the authorities continue to ignore and remain impotent, many animals are suffering cruel and vicious abuse and criminal neglect. SPCA Israel is continuing to expend vast resources in the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of these animals.

Yesterday evening (29.6.2013), a police officer from the Oranit region called the SPCA requesting assistance in the rescue of a donkey that has been abused. According to the officer, two young boys from the PA territories who infiltrated Israel’s borders riding the donkey wanted to return home. The donkey, who was on the verge of collapse, resisted and the two boys began beating the donkey viciously. The officer arrested the boys, confiscated the donkey and after several parties who were contacted to rescue the donkey failed to respond, he called the SPCA.

A rescuer from the SPCA contacted Dr. Tzvia Mildenberg, who is responsible equines in the Ministry of Agriculture, for assistance and received the following SMS: “I am unable to help with the rescue. There is no budget. I am sorry”. The rescue rushed to the site with a rescue vehicle and carriage, collected the donkey and brought him to the SPCA stables.

An examination of the donkey revealed that it was about three years old and in a state of exhaustion. The photos speak for themselves: the miserable, emaciated donkey suffers from wounds in the back and chest area, indicating that in addition to the beatings it suffered, the donkey was also bound to a wagon and transported heavy loads. Following its rescue from the abuse it suffered, the donkey has been carefully monitored and is receiving quality food. Its injuries are being treated with antiseptic washes. The donkey requires long-term rest and rehabilitation.

The rescue of the donkey in a special carriage, the food it receives, the medical treatment and long-term rehabilitation that it faces has incurred thousands of NIS in expenses. Please help us finance these treatments through donations via the website or by calling Telephone *4553 in order to help us help continue assisting suffering animals in real time.

Over the past several weeks, the SPCA has rescued a donkey from an army base in the south, and a horse that was overworked on the streets of Tel-Aviv. In both cases, as with many other cases, the authorities, which are responsible for the welfare of animals and for enforcing animal cruelty laws, have continued to ignore the suffering of animals. The SPCA was the only party to come to their assistance. Unfortunately, the systematic impotence of the authorities, which employs people in dedicated positions for these kinds of cases, are perpetuating this twisted situation of animals in Israel and is sending a harsh message to citizens who are sensitive to their welfare.