Help the Horses and Donkeys

The Society’s stables, where horses and donkeys who have suffered abuse and neglect are rehabilitated, are in need of immediate repair

Dear donors, friends and supporters,

Following five years of intensive activity, during which time we saved, treated and rehabilitated hundreds of horses and donkeys that were living under conditions of criminal neglect and suffering constant, cruel abuse, we are approaching you for urgent assistance and support.

The increased activities undertaken these past years allowed us to take in over 500 animals that were referred to us from all over the country by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Israeli Police and the regional Veterinary Department s. The rehabilitation period required for horses and donkeys is prolonged, complex and involves high costs for quality food and professional, comprehensive medical care. The average cost of keeping and treating one horse, for example, reaches sums of over NIS3,000 each month.

In addition to providing dedicated care for these animals, we have raised this important issue in the public agenda through the media. We have brought the topic to the public’s attention, calling upon them to contact us whenever they come across neglect or abuse of animals. I am pleased to say that the public has responded to our call, awareness of the suffering undergone by horses and donkeys has been raised and these shared efforts have brought about release from suffering for many animals.

Five years of hard work have gone by, the time and heavy use of the various facilities have paid their toll and now the stables and yards need massive and immediate renovations. Since we wish to provide optimal care under the best possible conditions to these unfortunate animals, due to the inferior conditions of the facilities we are now no longer able to absorb more horses and donkeys.

We have architectural plans, drawn up by professionals experienced in this field. Executing these plans will make an enormous difference, and will transform our stables into a safe shelter of the highest standards, custom-made especially for horses and donkeys.

We are well aware that these times are not easy financially for most, but wish to emphasize that every effort, however small, and any attention given to this issue can save another animal from a life of unbearable suffering. My email is open to you all. I will be happy to reply to any mail and to answer any questions you may have:

Thank you for your kind attention,
Hilma Shmoshkovitz
Chairperson (Volunteer)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel
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