Fallen and arisen

Raven and dove chicks that fell from their nests are being treated at the Society, and when they will be able to care for themselves they will be released

The Society for Prevention Cruelty to Animals in Israel accepts many different types of animals. Of course dogs and cats are the animals we primarily care for, however we treat all types of animals that need help, and whenever necessary we transfer them to the appropriate agencies.

In recent weeks many nestlings were brought to us, primarily ravens and doves, which had fallen from their nests. This phenomenon happens when the nests are too small for the developing chicks, and the bigger chicks push the smaller ones until they sometimes fall from the nests. The parent birds of course cannot carry them back to the nests, and even if they do try to feed the little fallen chicks, they are still exposed to many dangers.

The ravens and doves usually nest in urban areas, in various parks and residential areas. Passersby who see the nestlings on the ground bring them to us, and additionally, representatives of the Society are sent to pick up other nestlings after reports from contacts.

The little chicks, which are still not able to fly, are treated at the Society’s premises. They receive food and water and afterwards are transferred to our animal corner. When they have become fully developed, we give them their freedom.

If you also find a nestling in this circumstance, please do not ignore it. Bring it to us or call the Society’s telephone number: *4553.