An Open Wound

A poor horse in extremely low condition was brought to the SPCA stables and will undergo long-term rehabilitation

The pictures speak for themselves, conveying further chilling evidence of the state of animal welfare in Israel 2013. The authorities turn a blind eye to the situation, do not allot adequate budgets and do not take responsibility. The result: Many animals continue to suffer daily from criminal negligence and cruel abuse.

Yesterday another poor horse was brought into the SPCA stables following reports from passers-by. The horse, approximately nine years of age, was found wandering around southern Tel Aviv, apparently following long periods of abuse at the hands of her owners who deprived her of food and left her to her fate when her strength failed her and she could no longer work.

As we can see from the pictures, the emaciated horse’s condition is extremely poor; she has sores and is battered all over her body. An expert veterinarian who was called to the Society, determined that she is undernourished and exhausted, suffering from many injuries and lacerations around her ribs, with infected open wounds on both sides of her body and one of her legs is very swollen. The horse has been put on antibiotics, her wounds were drained and stitched and she is being fed special nourishing food to strengthen her and help her gain weight.

The emaciated horse's condition is extremely poor
The emaciated horse’s condition is extremely poor

In the coming weeks the horse will receive treatment around the clock, including antibiotics and internal and external rinses.

The anticipated rehabilitation process will be very long and in addition to the daily treatment for her various wounds, she will undergo hoof trimming and shoeing for her neglected hooves, her teeth will be filed and she will receive inoculations.

If the story of this horse has touched your heart, you are invited to help us cover the high rehabilitation expenses, including expert veterinarian treatment, medication and quality food. Every donation will help us to rescue other horses and donkeys from the cycle of suffering. To donate, click here.

The horse in the Society's stable
The horse in the Society’s stable