A Magical Dog

Having suffered from burns and undergoing recuperation in the SPCA, Kessem is looking for an adoptive home

Please let me introduce you to Kessem (Magic) – an adorable, one-and-a-half year old, mixed-breed German Shepherd, who reached the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel a month ago.

Kessem was found wandering near a garage in the area of Kfar Kassem and when she was brought to the Society by a passer-by she was in very bad condition: She was suffering from burns and infected sores on her back and shoulders, apparently caused by some chemical substance that had been poured on her, as well as a huge amount of fleas and ticks.

It took two days for the medical staff to remove the fleas and ticks from Kessem’s body, since her condition prohibited the use of sprays. During the following weeks, Kessem was treated with antibiotics for the prevention of infection, and with special creams for treating burns as well as analgesics. She also received a great deal of love and warmth from the Society’s staff and volunteers.

One month ago – serious burns on her back
One month ago – serious burns on her back

Today Kessem is completely well, and has also been spayed. The few scars that remain on her back are almost totally covered by new hair and she is more than ready to start a new chapter in her life. The Society’s staff testifies that Kessem is an attentive dog with a huge soul and that whoever adopts her will gain a loyal friend for life.