Volunteers from Abroad

Groups of young people from the US and Mexico volunteer in the SPCA

The SPCA staff and the Department of Humanistic Studies are always glad to host groups from abroad, who reach us through various organizations. Last week two groups of volunteers arrived, took part in a tour of the facility, heard about the state of animal welfare in Israel and took the dogs out for walks.

The students from the US volunteering in the SPCA
The students from the US volunteering in the SPCA

American students studying in Bar Ilan University, in the one-year special program “The Israeli Experience”, visited the Society. According to Meir Bolovsky, group leader: “We are delighted to volunteer in the Society. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to help the community and the animals in distress”.

A group of young people from “The Zionist Youth” in Mexico, who came to Israel for four months on the “Voyage Program”, decided to volunteer in the Society during their stay in Israel. “It is most encouraging to see that there are places where people really do care about animals”, said Andros Kahn, a member of the group. “As an animal lover, especially dogs, it is simply great to help organizations such as the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel”.

We wish to thank the group members, who will continue to volunteer in the SPCA while they are in Israel.

If you also wish to volunteer in the SPCA, to get to know the adorable animals, to comb the cats and to play with the dogs, you can attend a volunteers’ training session, which is held on a regular basis twice a week. Following the training session you can come to volunteer without prior coordination during our hours of operation. For further details, please call: *4553.