New Horizons

The Society held educational activities for youth in the Ofek (Horizon) Prison

The SPCA Department for Humanistic Education held educational activities for juveniles in Ofek Prison on the subject of cruelty to animals. This unique activity was also carried out with inmates of the closed wing in the Prison.

During the activities, in which the dog, Nella, also participated, the youth heard a lecture accompanied by short video movies produced by the SPCA. This was followed by a lively discussion on animal’s feelings and the topic of abuse.

The Prison spokeswoman said: “During the ‘Pass it On Month’ in Ofek Prison, whose focus is tolerance, representatives of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel came to lead an activity on the topic of tolerance towards animals. They used content that the youth could relate to, in the hope that they will pass it on. The youth showed interest and even continued discussing the topic in their classrooms after the lecture. The Prisons Service in general, and Ofek Prison in particular, consider cooperation with the SPCA, as well as cooperation with other organizations in the community, most important. The goal is to work according to the corrective approach that considers prisoner management a social target, aiming at creating a process of change in the prisoner’s thought patterns and behavioral norms, and offering him a school for life that will promote integration in society and success”.

For Further details about educational activities, please call us: *4553.