The Taste of Life

Children from the Association for Juvenile Onset Diabetes and their families were given a guided tour of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and were thrilled to meet all the animals

The SPCA’s Department of Humanistic Education, which runs educational activities for groups of all ages and from all sectors, was delighted to host a group of families who came through the Association for Juvenile Onset Diabetes.

The activity started off with explanations about the SPCA and its activities; afterwards, the treasurer of the Society exhibited some snakes and a ferret, and the curious children were able to pet them. Later on the guests went into the cats’ enclosure and met the cats, after which they took the dogs, who are awaiting adoption, out for a pampering walk and, towards the end of their visit, went to the stables where we habilitate donkeys and horses who have suffered abuse and neglect.

Groups interested in further details regarding the SPCA’s educational activities are invited to call us at: *4553.