The bitter end of Miss Piggy in the Big City

Children who abused a wild piglet caused its death

Cruel cases of abuse of dogs and cats are unfortunately commonplace in the big city. Last week an unexpected guest fell into the hands of worthless people with no mercy. The staff of the emergency center of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel were surprised to receive a telephone call from a citizen who asked them to come to the Tel Cabir neighborhood on the contention that if they did not come quickly children would take out their anger on a wild pig and kill it.

The Society’s driver, who came to the neighborhood, was shocked to see a group of children crowded around a piglet, while some of them were throwing rocks at it and some of them were trying to defend it. The driver succeeded in rescuing the piglet and brought her to the Society’s clinic.

After none of the factors that treat wild animals wanted to take her, from fear of swine flu, the piglet stayed in the Society. Dr. Yalana Algerbali, a veterinarian of the Society: “The pig came here thin and anemic with a bad infection in its eyes and scratches on its face, which seem to have come from the children’s abuse. It received antibiotic treatment. Similarly it arrived with many parasites and it received treatment for them. Unfortunately after few days she died”. The piglet was sent for an autopsy at the Veterinary Institute in Bayit VeGan. There it turned out that it had died from hemorrhaging in the brain.