Many Thousand Thanks

The SPCA offers special benefits to members of its Facebook page

The SPCA Facebook pages in Hebrew and English constitute a lively stage for the animal lovers community. Through it we publish important messages encouraging adoption of animals waiting for warm homes.

This week our Facebook page crossed the 30 thousand members line and our English Facebook page now has over 10,000 members. We wish to thank them for being partners on our shared path and for their immense contribution to animal welfare through their Likes and Shares on the various Posts.

In honor of these exciting landmarks we wish to invite our Facebook members to enjoy a special offer: Free medical examination, Park Worm (Spirocerca Lupi) treatments at only NIS50 (with no connection to the weight of the dog) and the 4-in-1 Vaccine for cats at only NIS80. The offer can be utilized in our veterinary clinic at 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, on Sundays through Thursdays from 16:00–20:00 up till May 15th. To enjoy this special offer there is no need to make an appointment. For further details, please call *4553.

Want to be one of our Friends? Enter the SPCA Facebook pages in Hebrew or English and click Like. We are waiting for you!

Black is the New Black

Summary of "Love has No Color" Campaign which raised awareness for adopting dark-coated animals

Following two intense weeks of activity, the “Love has No Color” internet campaign, promoting adoption of dark-coated dogs and cats, has come to an end.

During the Campaign, carried out through the Society’s Facebook page, we raised members’ awareness to the fact that dark animals have more difficulty in finding adoptive homes than their light-haired friends. We asked for their assistance in raising awareness of this issue and submitting suggestions for slogans that would help us persuade the public to adopt dark-haired animals.

We are delighted to say that during the Campaign many dark-coated animals found new homes, tens of users suggested slogans and thousands contributed statuses that were published on the topic.

The winning slogans that came in the first three places and for which prizes of Dr. Bruner Organic Soaps were awarded, are: “Black is the New Black” sent in by Noa Omer, “Black with a Pure Heart” sent in by Bar Magen and “Stop Believing in Superstitions and Find a Wonderful Friend”, sent in by Or Bargil.

We wish to thank all those who participated in the effort to pass on the important message, contributed statuses and took part in the competition.

Main photo: George, a mixed-breed, four-month-old dog, was abandoned on the street along with his brother. To our delight, both brothers found homes.

Coco, a mixed-breed, black and brown, five-month-old pincher, was found wandering in the streets and was adopted by Uri Katz and his partner
Coco, a mixed-breed, black and brown, five-month-old pincher, was found wandering in the streets and was adopted by Uri Katz and his partner
Lafa, a mixed-breed, black terrier, is three months old. She was abandoned on the streets and was adopted by Eran and his family
Lafa, a mixed-breed, black terrier, is three months old. She was abandoned on the streets and was adopted by Eran and his family
Galia adopted Odelia, a mixed-breed, black and brown, two-year-old pincher
Galia adopted Odelia, a mixed-breed, black and brown, two-year-old pincher

Piresky and Pinuky Come Home

The red-haired cat that was rescued from an abandoned camp returned home due to exposure on our Facebook page and a stolen dog was returned to its owners

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel takes in every day abandoned dogs and cats that are sent to us by their owners or that are found abandoned, wounded or ill. More than a few dogs come to us without a chip, making identification of the owners almost impossible. The distress caused to both the lost dog and to its owners is unfathomable. When we manage to find the owners of abandoned animals, the joy is immense.

Last week, we experienced two moving cases – one involving a lost cat that was returned to its owners thanks to exposure of its story on our Facebook page, and the second involves a dog that was stolen from its owners and returned to them one and a half years later.

One week ago, we received a report about a cat trapped in an abandoned store in Holon. An SPCA Israel representative immediately arrived at the site and rescued the beautiful red-haired cat. The cat appeared to be well-groomed and frightened. It had a green collar around its neck and our experience immediately told us that this was not a street cat but a house cat that might have gotten lost.

For several years, the SPCA Israsel has been managing an active Facebook that doubles as an interactive news channel through which we maintain contact with thousands of surfers. In order to help the sweet cat find its owners, we published its photo on our Facebook page alongside of a description of the incident and where it was rescued. We asked Facebook members to share the photo with their contacts and hundreds of friends did so, expanding exposure to the picture by thousands on the social network.

Publication of Piresky's story on the Facebook page
Publication of Piresky’s story on the Facebook page

One day passed and another. The adorable cat was residing in our boarding facilities waiting for its owner. Despite having given it loving care, it was difficult to ignore its longing for home. The cat mewled, wept and missed its owners. Our experience told us that cats are well familiar with the area in which they lived, and know how to find their way home. The cat’s behavior made it clear to us that every day in our facility was adding to its distress. After much deliberation and consultations, we decided to wait several more days and if no one comes for the cat, we would release it back in the area it was found in the hope that it would manage to return home to its owners.

We again published the cat’s particulars on our Facebook page, which again was widely seen. To our tremendous delight, the Facebook effort succeeded! The next day, the cat’s owners arrived at the SPCA and we learned that the cat’s name was Piresky. The excited owners brought with them photos of the cat that proved that the cat was theirs. Piresky’s joy and excitement at the reunion left no room for doubt. The owners took the cat home and we were overjoyed at this happy ending.

Our Facebook page is used for other purposes, including searching for homes for hundreds of dogs and cats that are in our facilities and that need a family. If you are interested in participating in this important activity, join us by clicking Like. Share their photos and help us help them!

Two days after Piresky returned home, a man arrived at the SPCA and asked to give up a two-year-old mixed pinscher that he claimed he found on the street. Thanks to a chip in the dog’s body, we discovered that the dog’s name was Pinuky and we immediately contacted its owners that were registered in the chip center – Gil Porat from Rishon le Zion. Gil was surprised, and said that Pinky had been stolen form him about a year and a half ago. He rushed to collect Pinuky from the SPCA and the reunion touched everyone at the site, employees and volunteers alike.

Touching Reunion. Gil Porat and Pinuky
Touching Reunion. Gil Porat and Pinuky

Unfortunately, similar cases do not always end with this kind of reunion. Many lost dogs are found in pounds and organizations without their owners being aware of this. Some never had a chip implanted and for others, the owners’ particulars were never updated in the national chip center. If you are raising a dog, please make sure that the dog has a chip implanted and that the information on the chip is updated at the chip center.

Pegasus Comes Home Again

A puppy that was stolen from the Society two months ago has been found, alive and well, thanks to the social media

About two months ago, a middle-aged man came to the Society in order to adopt a dog. As part of the standard adoption procedure, the man met with an adoption counselor who found that the man was not responsible enough and would be unsuitable as an adoptive candidate. Following some argument and raised voices, the man was forced to leave (for reasons concerning privacy rights, we will not publish the counselor’s considerations in the case).

A short time later, we discovered that Pegasus, a charming, six-months-old, mixed-breed puppy was missing from his cage. Upon checking the security cameras, it became evident that the same man had broken through the fence into the Society, gone to the department where Pegasus lived, kidnapped him and disappeared very quickly.

The sequence of events was published on the Society’s Facebook page along with the clip filmed by the security camera, and the story aroused much interest in the virtual arena. Many surfers offered to help identify the burglar and also notified us of any dog resembling Pegasus that they came across. At the same time, the Society notified the Police about the case, but nothing helped and for over two months nothing was heard about Pegasus or what had happened to him.

Good news reached us a few days ago through a young couple who had seen Pegasus wandering around the Naveh Yamit neighborhood in Rehovot, near the highway. The couple took the dog to a vet in order to locate his owners by means of its electronic chip, but since Pegasus didn’t have a chip (the Society’s dogs have electronic chips inserted only when they are taken for adoption), the couple posted Pegasus’s picture on their Facebook profile in the hope of finding his owners through the social media.

As fate would have it, a member of the Society staff came across Pegasus’s photo and identified him immediately, even though two months had gone by since he had disappeared and he had grown since then. The Society staff contacted the couple who brought Pegasus back to the Society, alive and well. It is difficult to guess how long Pegasus had been left to wander around the streets and when exactly he was abandoned, but finding him in this way just supported the Society’s decision as to the suitability of the man who had come to adopt a pet.

Now Pegasus, eight months old, is looking for a stable and safe home with responsible owners who will be able to give him the love he deserves.

This case teaches us how important the Society’s adoption policies, termed “Responsible Adoption”, actually are. As an organization dealing with the ugly phenomenon of animal abandonment on a daily basis, we always place animal welfare at the head of our order of priorities. We give animals out for adoption only when we are convinced that they are promised a good life with responsible owners, who genuinely intend to raise them for the duration of their lives and will be able to provide them with all their needs.

If Pegasus’s story has touched your hearts and you are sure that you are able to offer him a warm home, please contact us at: *4553.

Animals and Smiles

The prize-winning photos in our Facebook ‘Most Amusing Pictures Purim Competition’

A few weeks ago the Society posted a ‘Most Amusing Pictures Purim Competition’ on our Facebook page. To take part in the competition, surfers were requested to send in an amusing picture of their pets.

Over 170 photos were posted on the competition page, serving to demonstrate to many surfers just how much fun it is to raise pets at home. The team of judges examined all the entries and the five winners will receive a special meal delivered to their homes, courtesy of Barefood Gourmet Organic Catering

Photos of Din Cohen, Alin Levi and Shachar Liani
Photos of Din Cohen, Alin Levi and Shachar Liani

Our thanks go out to all the participants in the competition and our congratulations to the winners.

Main photo: pictures of Mia De Kalo (right) and Dana Jungelson (left).

Living It Up On-Line

The Society’s thriving activity on the social network reaches tens of thousands of users

For the past year, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has been active on the social network, operating a vibrant Facebook page. Six thousand fans and members have already joined the Society through Facebook. In recent weeks the Society decided to expand its social networking and invited some of the foremost opinion leaders in the Israeli networks to tour the facility.

During the visit, the opinion leaders were given a tour of the Society and shown the full range of activities undertaken for animal welfare. This included encounters with dogs that had been abandoned and are now waiting for warm homes, petting the cats who are waiting for adoption, and visiting the donkey foal that was born just a few hours earlier, and whose mother is being cared for in the Society’s stable. They also met some of the horses staying in the stable and even had a personal introduction to an eagle who was recuperating from injury in the care of the Society. The guests filmed the event, tweeted on Twitter and posted updates on Facebook, thus helping the Society to increase its hits by tens of thousands on the social network.

Man’s Best Friend – Also on the Network
Our Facebook members spread the important message inherent in the Society’s activities and help to find adoptive homes for the dogs and cats in the shelter. The members also share their love for animals, chat with each other and the Society on the subjects of animal care and providing help whenever necessary, while enjoying taking part in discussions about their adventures in the world of caring for and raising animals.
Amongst other things, our Facebook members help us find names for the animals reaching the Society. One such instance that had great impact was choosing a name for the newborn donkey foal. Tens of users submitted their suggestions of names for the adorable foal and in the end, the Society’s staff chose the name Golda. This activity was given special coverage by the Israel Today newspaper.

In addition, our Facebook page helped the Society promote the “Not Your Atonement Campaign”, where the Society cried out to put an end to the cruel custom of slaughtering chickens on Yom Kippur and to exchange it with the giving of charity. Some Facebook members joined the Society’s protest demonstration in the HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv, following a special Facebook event to which thousands of members were invited. Facebook members also came to celebrate International Animal Day with the Society to which they had been invited through a special Facebook event. During that festive day the guests enjoyed special deals, benefits and offers for animal care products and services, valuing hundreds of NIS.

Embrace the Society
If you wish to help the Society, you are invited to do so through the social network. This will help us extend our audience of supporters in our Facebook page and raise public awareness of our work. Please enter our Facebook page, invite friends at LIKE and send out articles. All such help will support the Society’s ongoing activities and assist us in finding warm homes for the animals.

Cat and Dog Stories

Choice Stories from the Society’s Facebook Competition

A couple of weeks ago the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel posted a unique competition on its Facebook page: The users were asked to send in a description of a special moment or exciting experience shared with their pets, in order to encourage others to adopt a pet of their own. More than one hundred stories of the participants’ personal experiences, all of which emphasized the importance of adopting pets, were presented and posted on the page. The users shared their stories with their friends and, thanks to them, tens of thousands of users were exposed to the Facebook page during the competition, and about two thousand enthusiastic new fans joined.

Our appreciation goes to all those who took part in the competition, to Comlead Company which donated the application and to “Shelly’s Store” – the chain of pet stores who contributed prizes. ersonal notices will be sent to all the winners – Congratulations to all!

We are happy to present ten of the moving stories that took part in the competition:

Batel Yishar
Hello, my name is Batel, and about five years ago we decided to adopt a small, cute dog who answered to the name of Gogo, a very friendly dog, who is full of fun and very sociable. About three years ago we had a very special experience: We live on the third floor of our building and one night, when the whole family went to sleep, Gogo decided to stay beside the front door of our apartment. He behaved in a very strange manner, and in the middle of the night, when I got up to get a drink of water, I noticed that he was still sitting beside the front door but I didn’t take any notice and went back to sleep. Half an hour later Gogo started to bark and scratch the door, waking up the whole family. My father, who didn’t know what all the fuss was about, got up and saw that Gogo was barking and scratching the front door incessantly. He decided to open the door to see what was happening and when he did, he could hardly believe his eyes – thick smoke was coming up the stairwell. Apparently, a fire had broken out in the shelter and the whole building was filling with smoke. We immediately woke up all the neighbors, called the fire brigade and evacuated the building. In the end, not much damage was done and everyone got out unscathed – all thanks to one small dog. Gogo warned us all, and due to him we evacuated our homes in time and the whole building was saved from going on fire.
I warmly recommend adopting a dog. A dog has such a good soul, is a true, loving and faithful friend to man. Gogo brought happiness and joy into our lives. He loves to wag his tail and play with anything that moves. And as you see, dogs can also save lives! Adopt a dog – it is more than just worthwhile!

Ophir Glick
Brownie, my dog, is an amazing dog, a mongrel – Pekinese mixed with Jack Russel – brown-yellow coloring with a touch of white. My wife and I both feel that Brownie is a part of our family. Every morning she waits for us beside the door of our bedroom, giving us a welcoming lick, and letting us feel that she wants us to share all that went on with her during the night. If I or my wife don’t feel well, Brownie knows to come and sit by our feet, giving us loving looks, as though she understands what we are going through and is trying to send us positive energies.
Brownie loves little children. When friends with children come to visit us, she plays with them and if they drop a pacifier she picks it up and gives it to us, just like a worrying nanny. Since Brownie came into our lives, I must say that our home looks and feels like a totally different place.

Gaya Ben Nun
About two years ago we went to visit my grandmother in Petah Tikvah, and on our way home, we saw a small dog with sad eyes. I asked my parents whose dog it could be and they said that they didn’t know (we assumed that he didn’t belong to anyone…). I asked them if I could take the dog home and they refused but then the dog suddenly decided to get into our car. My mother took him out but he got in again…we decided to take him home and when he fell asleep beside my father’s book, “Pluto”, we decided to call him Pluto. Now he lives with us and he is already three years old – and his eyes are happy eyes.

Hannah Kuminshter Schwartz
Four years ago we went to the Society’s animal shelter where we adopted a cat that we named Tommy. Since then he was joined by the boxer, Jerry, and the pair, Tom and Jerry, rule our home. The two of them run a secret underground organization along with codes, hidden caches and a secret language. I wish we could really understand what they are saying but that doesn’t prevent them from accompanying and looking after our toddler, Roy. At his first call or the sound of him crying, there they are, ready to be petted, to give a lick or to play with him and cheer him up. There’s no one like you, our sweet and true friends.

Ronny Weintraub
I was born in February 2007, the fourth of eight puppies, son to a black mongrel mother and unknown father. We lived with our mother with an average family, very nice people, who always told me that I was the cutest and the handsomest of all the puppies. I was born rather big, was always the most developed for my age, and so, from an early age they called me the Gentle Giant.
When we reached the age of two months, our family took us on an outing. I was so happy and excited. I had never before been in a car, and a trip around the country seemed really cool! Then they said that we had arrived and they stopped the car. I didn’t quite understand where we were but Mother always said that trips were good, so I was happy. They put on Mother’s leash and she jumped around and went a bit wild the way she always does before an outing. But this time they tied her up outside. She looked them in the eye, they said that they were sorry, and took us out, one by one, from the car and put us beside Mother. Each one of us got a petting, a kiss and a word of farewell. Then they drove away.

Nicole Sofer
This is my story, a story of hard times that I went through which I have shared with very few others. I had a wonderful cat, that I got as a surprise when I was six. My parents never allowed me to keep a dog or cat so he was my first pet. He was a special cat, grey-white in color, who was absolutely faithful to us. Every time we returned home, he jumped up on the sofa, caressed and purred with joy at our return. We taught him all sorts of tricks; to give a paw, a second paw, to sit, to stand and to come to us. In the winter, he would jump up onto the bed and cuddle up happily with us.
But one day, when we were away on vacation, our house was broken into. When we returned, we found everything broken open and destroyed and we found him lying in the corner beside the washing machine, terrified (it seems that they had tortured him in our absence). It took him a long time to recover and then, after a little more than a year, serious health problems began to develop. At first he wouldn’t eat or drink, and when we took him to the vet he was anemic and weak. He was given a lot of treatments but after two weeks he was still throwing up all the time. We insisted on him having more treatment and didn’t want to give up. In the end, we were told that he had cancer.
The poor fellow underwent surgery, a malignant growth was removed from his intestines and I took care of him all the time. The whole family gave him love and warmth, and the little guy fought for his life every day till he finally succumbed and died. It was most painful for all of us because he was a very special friend J.
I told you this story because I saw that everyone was writing about dogs and I want you to know that cats are good and loyal animals too, just like dogs. A cat will give you warmth and love! Every cat is unique and one of a kind.

Nitzan Goldstein
My beloved cat, I came home eight years ago on a cold and wintry day. I heard desperate cries coming from the direction of the garbage. I approached and then I saw you, amazing and tiny, just a kitten. We looked at each other, eye to eye, and I said, “This is the one I have to save, whatever it takes”.
I stooped down to pick you up and I saw that your stomach was gaping open. We ran to the nearby veterinary clinic, the vet stitched you up and said that sometimes the mothers abuse their kittens. I bought Materna formula for kittens, fed you with a syringe day and night, till you grew and blossomed into one of the most beautiful cats ever seen. Today, eight years later, you are still with me, through thick and thin, and we sleep together (I can’t fall asleep without you).
Love for animals is something that comes from within.

Noam Buchin
Quite a few years ago, when I was in grade school, our dog, Sherry, was stolen. We spent a lot of time searching for her but to no avail. Two years later we received a phone call from the fire station telling us that they had found Sherry. My Mother drove over to pick her up, but very quickly discovered that the dog was just another Labrador who looked like Sherry but was not Sherry at all (Sherry had a problem of over-vivaciousness). In the end, my Mother decided to take this other dog anyhow.
When I got home from school, I saw the dog and I was really scared (I had a trauma and hysterical fear of dogs). On that same day I developed an attachment to the new dog who we called Shiri, a similar name to that of our lost Sherry. Shiri is the most amazing dog that I ever had in my whole life! She is quiet, relaxed and sleeps a lot! She looks after the neighbor’s small children and never stops looking for attention. Since we got Shiri I am not at all afraid of dogs and whenever I am under stress Shiri stays by my side and doesn’t allow any other dog to come close to me.
In a nutshell, adopting a dog is the most important thing ever! Our Shiri is like another daughter, a member of the family! She means everything to us. People don’t understand how a pet adds to a person’s character and increases self-confidence! Especially Labradors who are perfect for families!

Shiri Bar Lev
The Amazing Cookie – adopting is a gift!
I adopted a puppy from the dog shelter and now she is eight years old. She wasn’t the cutest or most beautiful in the shelter, but we connected immediately, from first glance. Her name is Cookie and she is an amazing dog with near-human attributes. She sleeps with me and follows me everywhere. She is so good-natured that she always nursed my cats, even when they got big, and looked after them as though they were her own.
But this isn’t all when it comes to Cookie. Her human traits are also expressed through her attitude to people. Once my grand-mother was reminiscing about the Holocaust and she began to cry. Cookie went over to her directly and began to lick her hand, gazing at her with a loving expression in order to comfort her. Cookie is always there for me and for everyone, through good and bad, with a lot of feeling, an expression that cannot be ignored and a wag of her tail. I warmly recommend adopting a dog, it is the most wonderful gift on earth!

Efrat Itach
Animals teach each one of us responsibility, bring us joy and form a bond with our children. They become part of the family, inspiring confidence in all. We are raising a dog in an apartment without a balcony – if there had been a balcony our son would have ”forced” us to have more than one (not that he hasn’t tried but we found her another warm home). More than what we give, we are the ones who get and receive from him. Do adopt a pet if you can take the responsibility, love it and take care of it faithfully. We have a great sense of security having our dog with us, for his barking scares away burglars and other dangers.

Help Animals while Winning Prizes!

A unique activity on our Facebook page promotes adoption of cats and dogs

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, has just launched a social media activity, with the aim of finding new owners for homeless animals through the use of Facebook. By means of this unique activity, members of the Society who are on Facebook can disseminate the importance of animal adoption while winning prizes for their own pets.

How to participate?
Taking part in the activity is really easy and straightforward: all participants are asked to post a description of an exciting moment or exceptional event experienced with their pets in the Competition Arena on the Society’s Facebook page. The idea is that these anecdotes will help to convince other users to adopt pets of their own. Users can share their stories with all of their Facebook friends, invite them to read, share with their own friends and vote for their personal story. Every participant helps the Society to disseminate these important messages.

The stories can be posted up till November 6 at 17:00. Many thanks to Comlead Company for contributing the application for this activity.

What are the prizes?
The eight users whose stories get the highest number of votes will win the following prizes:
First prize: NIS 500 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.

Second prize: NIS 300 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.
Third prize: NIS 200 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.
A further five users will win a prize that they may choose from amongst the following prizes:
A veterinary appointment at the clinic including either the One in Four vaccine for cats or DHLP vaccine for dogs, or Hair cut at the Society’s hairdressing salon.

Choice stories will be published on the Society’s website. Apart from winning personal prizes, the participants gain the added value of knowing that they have helped the Society to disseminate the importance of animal adoption. We are hopeful that this activity will help the maximum possible number of animals to find loving homes.

Join Us On Facebook!
The Society runs widespread activity on the social network media, which has already accumulated more than 6,000 fans and friends. The Society’s Facebook page is used as a search tool to find homes for animals resident in the Society, to raise awareness of the need to assist the animals and to promote the Society’s activities in general. The page also serves as a warm, bustling community for all animal lovers.