Mistreatment of a puppy

A puppy abused by children was saved by a representative of the Society

In recent months a number of dogs and cats that had been abused were brought to the Society. In many cases the animal comes to us after being found by kindhearted passersby, and we do not know who the abuser was. An incident of a different kind occurred a few weeks ago, when the abusers were a group of children.

A worker at the Society, after completing his work day, walked out of the gates of the compound and suddenly observed a scene that raised his suspicions. Three boys of about 8 or 9 years old were walking along the road next to the Society carrying a black sack while they were beating and kicking it constantly. When the representative noticed movement inside the sack, he took off after them and asked them to stop. The boys dropped the sack and ran away.

The representative opened the sack, and to his astonishment discovered within it a thin, neglected, frightened puppy. The puppy was taken immediately to the veterinary clinic of the Society and checked over by the veterinarian, who determined that luckily it was only suffering from hard blows with no sign of serious injury. The exhausted puppy was treated, washed and cleaned of parasites. For a few weeks it has enjoyed the dedicated care of the staff of the Society, while it recovered and strengthened.

At this time it is a candidate for adoption and will be happy to gain a warm home that will shower it with love. This female dog, that was given the name Lucky, is a mixed Pinscher of four months old. For additional details about adoption, please call: *4553.

We ask the public to be alert for incidents of abuse of animals and not to hesitate to interfere and report. In addition, with the beginning of the summer holiday, we ask all parents to watch their children and to explain to them about the duty of protecting the animals and respecting them.