Ma’ayan Squared in a Double Rescue Operation

Two kittens were rescued from car engines on the same day

Many kittens born on the streets slowly get to know their way around but their unquenchable curiosity often leads them to the edge of the abyss. One of the most dangerous phenomenon is their search for a warm nook, which they too often find in the bumpers of cars parked on the streets. The engine, that retains its heat, provides them with the warmth they are looking for, but often they have difficulty finding their way out or are killed when the engine is ignited. This phenomenon is most common in the winter season, but throughout the whole year, cars constitute a dangerous shelter to tiny kittens.

One day last week the Society rescued two kittens that got stuck in car engines. The first incident took place in the Tel Kabir residential district in Tel Aviv, when Ma’ayan Demati, aged 17, and her father heard the sound of cats yowling coming from the bonnet of the car, while they were driving. The father stopped the car as quickly as he could, turned off the engine and started looking futilely for the cat. They continued on their way, assuming that the cat had managed to run away, but when they reached their destination they again heard the yowling.

Ma’ayan, who rears her own cat, ran to bring food for the cat in the hope that the cat would be tempted out, but it was all in vain and the cat remained in the engine. Ma’ayan remembered that she had once read that the Society carries out cat rescue missions so she immediately contacted the Society Hot Line. The Society’s rescuer set off to the scene and began the rescue operation, which went on for about one hour because the frightened little kitten went deep down into the engine. The kitten was rescued and brought to the Society where the vet on duty examined her and found her to be in good health and very friendly! At the moment the cute, two-month-old, black kitten is being looked after in the Society and in another month will be strong enough to be adopted into a warm and loving home.

The second rescue took place about one hour later in Rishon Le Zion. As Ma’ayan Levine parked her car, she picked up the sound of a cat yowling from a nearby car. Ma’ayan called the Police in order to locate the owners of the car, but after half an hour of waiting on the line, the call got cut off. When she called again, she was told that there was no point in contacting the Police as they couldn’t help her. Ma’ayan didn’t despair and decided to contact the Society. And so the rescue person set out for the second time that day to rescue a kitten from a parked car. The grey dappled kitten was brought in to the Society safely, and in another month he will also be ready to go to a new, adopted home.

Please remember – a light rap on the bonnet of the car or making a sudden noise under the bumper can flush out cats hiding in the engine and so prevent their deaths, as well as damage to the engine, which can cost a lot to be repaired.

We wish to thank Ma’ayan from Tel Aviv and Ma’ayan from Rishon Le Zion for their alertness and for their prompt reporting which led to the kittens being rescued. If the stories and pictures of the kittens touch your hearts, you are invited to come to the Society and to adopt them.