In the Shadow of the Sirens

Tips for looking after your pet during the sirens

In difficult times such as these, dogs and cats are also having a hard time. The noise of the sirens can cause them stress and anxiety or even behavioral changes. Following are a few tips to help you deal with your pets during the sirens.

1. Firstly, regarding dogs, one must avoid the natural instincts to comfort and stroke them. The dog might interpret this as positive reinforcement for his behavior and repeat his anxiety reactions. Take the dog with you, show him that you are confident and relaxed, don’t be angry with him and don’t punish him.

2. At times such as these, dogs and cats are liable to run away from the house in response to the noise of the bombs and sirens. To look after dogs and cats in high-risk areas, it is recommended to ensure that the house is closed and that our little friends cannot find any ways out. Take dogs out for walks only in the close vicinity of the house and with a leash. It is not recommended to let them run freely, not even for a short time, not even if the dogs asks to be let free. In addition, ensure that the dog has a microchip and that his and your details are up-to-date in the National Microchip Center, so that if he does run away, he can be more easily traced.

3. Try to take your pet to the shelter or protected areas with you. If the protected area nearest to you is a shelter or residential secure space, equip it with a little food and water, and in the case of cats – also a litter tray. Most cats will refuse to go into a cage within a short space of time and that will make it more difficult to take them with you to the shelter in real time. Prepare a comfortable and warm corner where the cat can curl up in a hidden place in the house. Let him hide and don’t call him out of his hiding place.

4. If your pet suffers greatly from anxiety and you have difficulty calming him, we recommend getting veterinary assistance.

In the light of the situation, we invite all residents of the South to bring their pets of every type, to our animal shelter at no charge – till the end of the military operation (on the basis of availability). Telephone for queries: *4553.

Hoping for secure and tranquil days in the very near future.