Little Oren

A tiny kitten was rescued from the tree top by the Petah Tikvah Fire Brigade

This week we set out on another rescue mission that ended successfully, with the rescue of a cute little ginger kitten that was stuck on the top branches of a tree.

Following a call that was received in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel call center, and a report from Petah Tikvah residents about a cat that was stranded in a high tree on Borochov Street, the rescue team set out to the scene. According to the neighbors, the cat was stuck up in the tree and had been yowling for three days without food or water, while all their calls to the Municipality and the Fire Brigade went unanswered.

Since the cat was stuck very high up, the rescue team realized that only with the help of the Fire Brigade and their special ladders could the cat be reached. The Society staff contacted both the Veterinary Department, directed by Dr. Tika Brown, who sent supervisors to the scene, and the Fire Brigade. The Petah Tikvah Fire Brigade team, under the authority of the shift officer, Simon Lugasi, reached the spot, took out their equipment and with the help of a very high ladder, the kitten was safely rescued.

The kitten, a cute, friendly, ginger, four-month-old kitten was named Oren. He will remain in the Society for a few days of observation, be given vaccinations and be neutered and then we will find a loving and responsible family for him.

We wish to express our appreciation to the Petah Tikvah Municipality Veterinary Department who set out immediately to help the kitten and to the firemen who undertook the rescue of the hapless creature. We call on all members of the public to be vigilant and to keep their eyes open for animals in distress and, when necessary, to call the Society’s call center: *4553.