Emile and the Detectives

Thanks to the resourcefulness of two children a kitten’s life was saved

Two weeks ago, in the afternoon hours, when Lidor Kalay (7) and Ofek Arditi (9) from Tel Aviv went out to play soccer on the courtyard next to their building, they did not imagine that an unexpected adventure was waiting for them – one that ended in an heroic deed.

While they were playing the two of them saw a passerby holding a sack in his hand. They became suspicious when they heard quiet yelping cries emanating from the sack and the curious children asked the man about the contents. The man ignored their questions and continued on his way, and after a number of meters he threw the sack over the fence into the yard of the neighborhood school.

Lidor and Ofek, who were following the man with their gaze, ran quickly to the sack, opened it and were amazed to discover a frightened helpless kitten. Without losing their composure the children found a cardboard carton and put the kitten into the carton. The two of them hurried to call Lidor’s father. They excitedly told him the about the little cat and asked him to take it to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, so that they would examine it and give it appropriate medical treatment.

The veterinarian who received the kitten at our veterinary clinic was very impressed with the children’s story. After the examination she told the children that the cat was in shock and was suffering from dry wounds, and that she would watch over him for the next few days. The cat stayed in the clinic of the Society and the children decided to give him the name Emile.

We want to express our appreciation to the children, for thanks to their awareness and initiative Emile’s life was saved. Unfortunately, many cats living in the streets are victims of abuse and violent attacks. If you find abuse of animals or injured animals do not just walk past and ignore it.

Emile, two months old, has already regained his strength and now is looking for a warm and loving home that will help him forget the trauma of the past. Anyone interested in adopting him is welcome to get in touch with us at: *4553.