Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

A cat that swallowed a fish hook was saved following surgery that was performed in the SPCA clinic

The curiosity of a four-and-a-half-year-old mixed Persian cat almost led to its death. The cat, the pet of a Tel-Aviv family, was extremely interested in the fishing equipment of one of the family members and began to play around with the various pieces. The family members believed that their cat had swallowed a fishing line and after several days of the cat suffering from vomiting and fever, they rushed the cat into the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel veterinary clinic.

An X-ray performed at the clinic revealed that the cat had also swallowed a sharp fishing hook, which was surgically removed by veterinarian Dr. Lana Algrabelli. “There was fear for the cat’s life” Dr. Algrabelli said. “The greatest danger was intestinal obstruction as well as Gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome, all of which cause severe pain, infection and lead to a rapid death.

The surgery ended successfully with the removal of the nylon fishing line and hook. The cat remained hospitalized in the clinic for several days, during which it received a special intravenous solution to avoid using the digestive system. The cat was released two days ago and according to its owners, it has made a quick recovery. The fishing gear, they promised, would be kept in a closed place.

Unfortunately, we encounter numerous incidents in which pet owners do not think about items that might endanger their pets in the home. Items that might appear trivial to us might endanger the life of a pet. Attention must therefore be paid to the pets’ living environment to make sure that it is safe for them. Just as we make sure that our home is safe for infants and small children, we must also remove items such as cleaning fluids and toxic materials, spicy foods, sharp objects, toxic plants, various threads (nylon, ribbons, electrical wires) and cans with sharp lids in the trash can. In addition, people must make sure that there is no open flame and avoid operating a gas oven or stove that is being operated without being present. Pet owners must also make sure to shut cabinet doors and open electrical appliances (such as washing machine) in which cats might become trapped.