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Immortalize your Beloved Pet and Help Other Animals

Parting from a loved pet can sometimes be unbearably difficult. An animal that gave us so much joy, kept us company at many stations of our lives and is the source of so many memories, is suddenly gone, leaving a huge, gaping rift in our lives. The ways of coping with the death of a loved pet differs from person to person, though many find comfort in a memorial of one kind or another.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel invites the public to take part in a unique project, by making a donation for the welfare of animals while immortalizing your pet. By taking part in this project, all those who donate over NIS 1,000 may memorialize their pets on our memorial board with a plaque displaying the animal’s picture and a personal inscription.

הנצחת חיית המחמד על לוח זיכרון
הנצחת חיית המחמד על לוח זיכרון

The memorial board hangs at the entrance to the puppy shelter, a special department for puppies that were abandoned at an early age and are kept under veterinary supervision. When they reach the age of three months they are given their first vaccinations, and then they are ready to go out to their adoptive homes. Part of the donations are used for ongoing maintenance of the department, though all donors are welcome to choose how their contribution should be used: for food, care for horses and donkeys who are undergoing rehabilitation in the Society after being abused or neglected, expensive surgical procedures, special equipment for the winter, renovation of the petting zoo, aids and accessories for the Department of Education and Humanities, etc.

For further information, please contact the Society offices at *4553.