Because of the spirit

Students from Australia and Argentina are discovering the spirit of volunteerism at the Society

In the last few years we in the Society have been hosting many groups of young Jews from the Diaspora, and last week we were happy to host two additional groups of students from ” Taglit ” (The Birthright project), who came to us through a subsidiary company of the Jewish Agency – the Israeli Experience.

The first group numbered 40 students from Australia who belong to the Australian Student’s Union and the second group was one of 40 students from Argentina. The young people had a directed tour of the Society’s compound and afterwards engaged in voluntary activity – taking out dogs for walks, playing with cats, trimming hedges and gardening and feeding animals in the stables.

Taglit project, which was established to strengthen the connection between Israel and youth in the Diaspora, and to prevent assimilation, enables young Jews between 18 and 26 to come to Israel, and provides them with educational tours. The project is part of the Jewish Agency, which is proud to state that in its framework, within the last 8 years, about 200,000 Jewish students, from 50 different countries around the world, visited Israel. During their stay in Israel these young people visit important historical and Zionist sites and meet with Israelis of their age group – all this in order to strengthen their connection to Israel and to turn them into “information ambassadors” where they live.