All’s well that Ends Well

Another kitten rescued from being run over at the Hashalom Train Station

Another animal rescue reached a successful ending after the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel successfully rescued a kitten caught in the train tracks at the Hashalom Train Station in the city.

A passenger on the train who noticed the frightened kitten on the train tracks trying to escape the train called the SPCA call center to report the incident. A SPCA rescuer immediately left for the site and, with the help of a train station employee, tried to grab the kitten and rescue it from being run over. Fortunately, the train did not hit the kitten, which had escaped to the inlet in between the station platform and the track.

Between trains, the rescuer descended onto the tracks and after several minutes, managed to grab hold of the kitten, to the cheers of the passengers waiting at the station. The kitten was treated by SPCA veterinarians and will soon be put up for adoption.

This is not the first cat rescue from the train station. Several months ago, at the exact same train station, another kitten was rescued by the SPCA following reports filed by passengers. We would like to express our gratitude to these alert passengers for their reports, as well as the Israel Railway for its cooperation in rescuing the animals.