A cruel knot

Tying up dogs inappropriately is actual criminal negligence and cruelty

The Pesach-holiday passed pleasantly for most residents of one of the neighborhoods of the city of Bat Yam. Then the calm and quiet was pierced by the heart-rending howls of a female dog that was left on a tiny balcony, by her owners who had left for a family holiday. Goodhearted neighbors, who could not stand the crying of the dog, called the police, who broke into the apartment and found Mofleta, a two year old asthmatic dog of mixed breed. Her cruel and heartless owners had left her without water or food, while at the same time she was tied up by a half meter length of rope to the balcony. The dog was taken to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, where she received the name Mofleta.

Unfortunately, this disgusting phenomenon of neglecting dogs in Israel is growing, especially around the holidays, at which time many families leave for vacations. The numbers speak for themselves, and in the last few years more and more dogs are brought by the police and other authorities to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, after criminal negligence. In addition, every day, we receive calls from all over the country about dogs that are tied up in disgraceful conditions.

A dog that has been tied up for a period of several hours, days, months and, who can imagine, even years, suffers from much psychological damage, becomes neurotic, sad and anxious. In addition it becomes territorial, and any one approaching it becomes a threat that brings in return an aggressive reaction. The leash, which in many cases is not suitable for the dog, injures its neck, causes burning wounds and sometimes even is glued to its neck because of infection and discharges.

A dog that is tied up is more exposed to insect bites, becomes a target for abuse from people, and is likely to be attacked by other animals without any ability to protect itself. Dogs that are tied up often suffer from lack of regular feedings and from lack of water (for example dishes turn over or the water is filthy from lack of being replaced for a long time). The weather conditions in Israel are not kind to dogs that are tied up; they must contend with hot temperatures and lack of shade to protect them from the sun.In addition to these things, most of these dogs do not receive any affection or human connection which they need, or similarly, opportunities to encounter nature or other dogs.

In Israel there is no law about owning animals, and specifically dogs, which should specify the conditions for tying them up. In general, we do not recommend tying up dogs at all. If however a dog is tied up it is desirable that the dog will be secured in such a way that will prevent hardship stemming from loneliness and being cut off from its living area, and that any bodily discharge, garbage or dirt will be cleaned away. It is important to be careful that its bedding does not injure its legs or its health, that the dog will not be exposed to extreme temperatures, that it will have a shelter from the sun, wind and rain, and that it will be protected from injuries stemming from normal climatic phenomena. It is important to be careful that there is regular feeding and always clean water within stable dishes.

A dog should not be kept tied up for more than 5 hours in 24, unless we are talking about a method of tying in which the dog can move about and clean itself. The end of the leash should be connected to a metal ring threaded on a wire cord or chain that is tensed so that the ring can easily slip over the length of the wire. The wire or the chain should be at least 10 meters long and the dog’s leash at least 5 meters long, so that the territory at the dog’s disposal will be at least twenty square meters. Similarly, be careful that the area will not have objects that will become entangled in the chain. The collar at the neck of the dog should be comfortable and suitable for its size, somewhat loose and not choking it, and one should not use a ‘choke chain’. And most importantly—the owners should not leave the animal without protection, nor abandon it.

Mofleta turned out to be a wonderful and good-hearted dog who gets along well with children. Now she is searching for a warm home that will know how to take care of her in the way that she deserves. Those interested in adoption are invited to come to us or to contact us at : *4553.