Toy Story

Gilad Shalit and his partner, Adi, adopted Toy, an adorable, four-year-old Pekinese from the SPCA

At the end of last week, Gilad Shalit and his girlfriend, Adi, came to the SPCA and adopted Toy, a cute, pedigree, four-year-old Pekinese.

Ten days ago Toy was found wandering around on the street by passersby who brought him in to the SPCA. Thanks to his microchip, the SPCA staff was able to locate his owners who claimed that they were no longer interested in keeping him and signed an Ownership Release Form.

We wish Toy and his new family lots of joy and invite you, also, to come to the SPCA to adopt a new friend for life from the tens of dogs and cats in the SPCA who are waiting for warm homes.