Parliamentary Visit

Knesset Member Zevulon Orlev, one of the supporters of the law to outlaw the importing of furs, came to visit the Society

This week, Knesset Member Zevulon Orlev, who is the chairman of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee, came to visit the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel. During his visit, Knesset Member Orlev toured the facilities of the Society, learned about its activities, talked with the volunteers, and even took some of the dogs up for adoption out for a walk.

The goal of Knesset Member Orlev’s visit was to give a summary of the state of the Fur Bill, which would forbid the marketing, import and sale of furs from all types of animals from all countries of the world. Knesset Member Orlev is very important to the advancement of the Fur Bill, which was initiated by Knesset Member Ronit Tirosh. When the Knesset members return from the Holiday Recess the bill, which has yet to be voted on for a second and third time, will be brought to the ruling coalition for their decision.

The Fur Bill originated after the Society, in cooperation with Channel 10, exposed the fact that fur, which was represented as being synthetic and which was being sold in the elite fashion chain stores in Israel, included animal furs, the majority of which came from dogs. These clothing items were manufactured in China, whose fur industry is the cause of the cruel slaughter of millions of animals each year.