Johnny Shuali

Michal Zoharetz and her son Tom adopted Johnny, a sweet, eight month-old fox dog

With the coming of the new year, television actress and hostess Michal Zoharetz and her son Tom expanded their family by adopting a charming dog named Johnny from the SPCA.

Tom has been begging his mother for months to get a dog and the decision on the matter was made following the broadcast of the television program Friday Live, hosted by Michal on Channel 24. The program hosted representatives from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, during which viewers were presented with dogs that were waiting for adoptive homes. Michal immediately bonded with Johnny, a sweet eight month-old fox dog, and decided that if Tom loved Johnny as well, she would adopt him.

Several days later, Tom surfed the SPCA website and printed out for his mother the particulars of dogs available for adoption that he liked. One of the dogs was Johnny. The two rushed to the SPCA to adopt Johnny and ever since, Johnny has become an inseparable part of their lives. Tom enjoys taking care of Johnny, running and playing with him and taking him on long walks in the park.

We wish the expanded Zoharetz family a happy and healthy new year with their new family member, Johnny.