Contributing and helping the dogs to get through the winter in comfort

Help us to purchase heating lamps that will provide the dogs with a warm winter

Winter is here in all its glory bringing with it stormy winds, heavy rains and extremely cold nights. As we find ways to cope with the difficult weather conditions, abandoned animals suffer terribly during the cold season.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel calls upon the public to help us purchase heating lamps for the over 200 abandoned dogs now in our care. Every donation will help at least one dog to get through the cold winter warmly and pleasantly.

Following consultation with experts in the field, we in the Society have decided to equip the dog kennels with infra-red heating lamps. These lamps have many advantages: instant and focused heating, low electricity consumption, water and wind resistance, and extensive life spans of thousands of hours of use without need of ongoing maintenance. In addition, the lamps are user-friendly, non-toxic and approved by the European and Israeli Standards Institutes.

If you want to help abandoned dogs to have a warmer and more comfortable winter, we will gladly accept your contributions towards covering the costs of the heating lamps.
The price of each lamp is NIS 200.

To give your donation for one lamp, click here.

In addition, in order to provide clean and warm bedding for the cats and dogs, in the Society, situated at 159 Herzl Street, we will be happy to receive blankets, sheets and towels.

We wish you and all the animals a warm and cozy winter.