An Empowering Experience

A group from the Akim Hostel came to visit the SPCA

Last week a group of 30 members of the Akim (National Association for the Habilitation of the Intellectually Disabled) Hostel, ranging in age from 35-70, came to visit the Society.

Our Department of Humanistic Education took the group on a guided tour of the Society, during which they met the various animals sheltered here, visited the stables and took the dogs out for walks.

At the end of this exciting visit the director of the Hostel, Michal Dayan, said: “This was a pleasant, special and empowering experience for all of us. I wish to thank the SPCA for this invitation and we will be happy to come again in the future”.

For further details regarding The Department for Humanistic Education of the SPCA and for details regarding the various activities, please call: *4553.