Practical Matriculation Examinations

Pupils taking their practical Matriculation Examinations in Dog Rearing complete their first year of studies at the SPCA

The first year of studies in a two-year study program for the practical matriculation examination in dog rearing is presently coming to a close. The participants in the course study in the Eleventh Grade in the Gymnasia Herzliah High School in Tel Aviv. The practical matriculation study unit, according to the program set out by the Ministry of Education, is carried out in cooperation with the Department for Humanistic Education in the SPCA under the professional leadership of dog trainer, Dr. Michal Kirschner. During the course, the pupils study a variety of subjects (Caring for Dogs, Training, Maintaining a Dog Shelter, etc.) in a special classroom in the SPCA, obtaining practical experience in the dog shelter. At the end of next year the pupils will take their examinations under an examiner from the Ministry of Education. In addition, for the first time, the honors students will also get a Trainers’ Certificate, thus acquiring a profession.

According to Yaniv Ovadia, the Director of the SPCA Department of Humanistic Education: “The pupils participating in the study program learn in a special education class. This work with pupils with special needs demands a great deal of sensitivity from the educational staff. It is amazing to observe the progress made on both sides: On one hand, the pupils who become potential dog trainers, and on the other hand, the dogs in the Society who undergo education and training, allowing them a better chance of finding adoptive homes”.

At the approach of the end of the academic year, the matriculation class paid a visit to the military dog unit “Oketz”. During the fascinating visit, the pupils were given explanations about this unique unit and its activities, watched live presentations of dog training and visited the unit’s dog cemetery.

At the close of their first year of studies, we wish the pupils a pleasant vacation.