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MK Nitzan Horowitz visited the SPCA and was recruited to lobby for animal rights and welfare

MK Nitzan Horowitz visit last week to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals In Israel included a tour of the site and a meeting with SPCA Chairwoman, Members of the Board and employees.

The visit began with a tour of the various facilities. MK Horowitz displayed tremendous interest and amazement at the site as well as its operations, cleanliness and the tremendous thought invested in the welfare of animals residing in the facility. Following the tour, everyone convened in the office of the SPCA chairperson, where they discussed issues involving improvement of animal rights and welfare that the SPCA wished to promote. Also on the agenda were issues that were directly related to SPCA operations, including the problematic handling by authorities of cases of animal abuse and neglect as well as insufficient punishment.

MK Horowitz presented a draft law designed to make convictions easier in these cases and promised that he would make a concerted effort to help advance the issues raised during the meeting.

According to SPCA Chairwoman, Ms. Hilma Shmoshkovitz, “MK Nitzan Horowitz’s visit was a resounding success. Animal welfare is a topic that is near and dear to us and we are thrilled at the prospect of his assistance in promoting issues that are important to SPCA operations in animal rights. MK Horowitz’s visit to the SPCA will produce results in the near future and we are delighted to cooperate with him to advance his draft law and any other aspect related to prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals”.