Cat Sterilization Campaign

By the end of December – Castration and spaying of cats at only NIS100 in the SPCA Veterinary Clinic in Tel Aviv and the Sharon area SPCA Veterinary Clinic in Moshav Bnei Zion

While the issue of limiting the proliferation of cats is on the agenda and the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Uri Ariel to terminate the budget for castration and spaying operations has been raised, the SPCA in Tel Aviv and the Sharon area SPCA in Moshav Bnei Zion are encouraging the general public to sterilize domestic cats and homeless cats by offering these important operations at a subsidized fee of only NIS100.

There is wide consensus amongst all organizations supporting animal rights that castration and spaying surgical procedures are the humane solution to reducing the proliferation of the cat population living lives of suffering on the streets, exposed to many dangers such as hunger, illness, accidents and abuse.

These important operations, which are carried out under general anesthetic and for which the recovery period is relatively fast, prevent disease, prolong life, improve the quality of life, lessen the level of aggression and territorial wars and fights over females and reduce the uncontrolled proliferation of the street cat population. In this manner, births of kittens, that are in the most part destined to a life of suffering, danger and agony on the streets, are prevented. Amongst domestic cats, spayed females do not attract males, the tendency of males to mark their territory lessens and the chances of them running away from their homes is reduced.

The veterinarians performing the castrations and spaying surgical procedures in Tel Aviv and Bnei Zion are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. In addition, the clinics offer vaccinations, teeth cleaning and other veterinary services at reasonable prices.

To make an appointment in the SPCA Tel Aviv veterinary clinic or the SPCA veterinary clinic in Moshav Bnei Zion and for further details, please contact us at: *4553.

* This special offer is valid till the end of December 2015 depending on the number of operations possible and is intended for cats over three months of age and females that are not in heat. In order to continue operations in the sterilization clinics, thus preventing suffering, the public is invited to contribute by phone or our internet site.

Sora’s New Life

Watch this exciting video clip about Sora's rehabilitation, his recovery and adoption

We’ll start with good news: Having reached us in critical condition, with his life hanging on a hair’s breadth, and at the end of three months of rehabilitation, the sweet puppy, Sora, has found an adoptive home and is starting a new life in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Sora’s story began in mid-February. He was four months old when he was found by passers-by in Tel Aviv with a swollen head, wounded and bleeding. He was brought to the SPCA, rushed to the veterinary clinic, and after cleaning the area, the vets found five infected and inflamed holes in his head, that apparently were caused by dog bites. In addition, he was suffering from sores on his neck area, and his body was infested with ticks. Sora was immediately taken to the operation room to have his wounds cleaned and disinfected, and during the operation, a drain was inserted into his head to drain the large amount of pus that had accumulated and to lessen his pain and suffering. Sora was kept in the clinic under medical supervision until he showed signs of recovery, the pus had been drained and the swelling had dissipated, and then the drain was removed from his head.

The staff of the SPCA, who had fallen instantly in love with the adorable puppy, undertook to help Sora and devotedly take care of him, while our adoption counselor, Gal Baba, gave him his special name, the meaning of which is “sky” in Japanese. Sora, continued getting antibiotics, received a lot of warmth and love and was fed especially nutritious food. The fact that his appetite and energy returned so quickly was a sign that he was on the right road to recovery. Not only the staff fell in love with Sora, also the other dogs quickly became friendly with him thanks to his convivial nature. Amongst these are Hanni, another dog who was cared for in the clinic, the staff’s dogs that played with him in the office, and then all the other dogs in the SPCA who allowed him to join them in their games in the yard.

When the sores on Sora’s head started to heal and the scars slowly receded, he began a three-week course of treatment against tick fever and once enough time had passed for his immunization system to strengthen he was ready to get the necessary six point vaccinations. Later he was neutered, a microchip was implanted and upon his complete recovery, he was transferred to the department of dogs awaiting adoption.

Sora at half a year old and still growing from day to day
Sora at half a year old and still growing from day to day

Due to his large paws, it was clear to all in the SPCA when Sora first arrived that he would grow into a very large dog. During the months when Sora was kept close to all the staff, he became a member of the team and an inseparable part of the SPCA family. From day to day it was apparent that he was changing, his body was growing and getting longer and his nature was forming. He was pampered and everyone was glad to see him because, despite all his suffering, all the pain and the long period of medical treatment he had endured, he was still full of an infectious joie de vivre and gave a lot of love in return.

Sora with his new family
Sora with his new family

Sora’s story and updates about his condition that were published on the SPCA Facebook page, were noticed by the Gamburg family of Moshav Tzofim and touched their hearts. The family, who already had two dogs and a cat, came to the SPCA and decided to adopt Sora and give him a warm home. All the staff in the SPCA had a hard time saying goodbye to Sora, but knowing that his long journey of suffering was over and had come to a happy end filled everyone’s hearts with great joy and we all wish Sora and his new family long and wonderful years together.

Sora in his new home. Photograph by the Gamburg family
Sora in his new home. Photograph by the Gamburg family

Many Thousand Thanks

The SPCA offers special benefits to members of its Facebook page

The SPCA Facebook pages in Hebrew and English constitute a lively stage for the animal lovers community. Through it we publish important messages encouraging adoption of animals waiting for warm homes.

This week our Facebook page crossed the 30 thousand members line and our English Facebook page now has over 10,000 members. We wish to thank them for being partners on our shared path and for their immense contribution to animal welfare through their Likes and Shares on the various Posts.

In honor of these exciting landmarks we wish to invite our Facebook members to enjoy a special offer: Free medical examination, Park Worm (Spirocerca Lupi) treatments at only NIS50 (with no connection to the weight of the dog) and the 4-in-1 Vaccine for cats at only NIS80. The offer can be utilized in our veterinary clinic at 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv, on Sundays through Thursdays from 16:00–20:00 up till May 15th. To enjoy this special offer there is no need to make an appointment. For further details, please call *4553.

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