An End to Fleas

Your dog does not stop scratching? Try a preventative flea treatment

The summer has arrived and with it the worsening of the flea problem that many dogs suffer. Fleas are not only an esthetic bother. It is important to remember that they are also blood suckers, they endanger your dogs and pass along many diseases, some of which are contagious to humans. A regular treatment schedule for all house pets and treatment of the yard is the only way to get rid of them permanently.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel recommends preventative flea treatment with ampoules. You drip the contents of the ampoule on the back of the neck of the dog or between his shoulder blades (a place where he cannot lick) after you make sure that the skin is dry (before the application). The material, which enters the bloodstream through the skin, gives protection against fleas for a month. Do not bathe the dog after the treatment. If the dog however is bathed, you need to re-treat it 3-4 days after the bath. It is recommended to give this preventative treatment once a month in all the seasons of the year, and it is important to pay attention to the age and weight of the dog to prevent poisoning.