Be’eri’s Miracle

A puppy that was rescued from a well found refuge in the SPCA

Faint yelps heard by hikers in the area of Hoshaya, led to the rescue of a puppy, who, with her last ounce of strength, called for help. A group of hikers, who traced the suspicious sounds, found themselves looking into a well of 8 meters depth. The hikers, who realized that they would need professional equipment in order to rescue the puppy, contacted the Ministry of the Environment, who sent the rescuer, Eyal Getanyu, to carry out the mission.

Aided by professional equipment, Getanyu went down to the bottom of the well and rescued the trapped puppy. The puppy appeared to be in bad shape; exhausted, terrified and apathetic – apparently she had been in the well without any food or water for a number of days. She was immediately wrapped in a warm blanket and given food and water.

The rescue from the well. Photographed by Daniel Reches
The rescue from the well. Photographed by Daniel Reches

The puppy was brought to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel where she underwent medical examinations by the SPCA veterinarian, Dr. Lena Algerbeli. The examination showed that the puppy, a mixed-breed Canaan, four months of age, was not injured by the fall, but was suffering from dehydration and parasites. She was administered a saline infusion, treated for fleas and ticks and given a deworming shot. Soon she will also be given all the necessary vaccinations and be spayed.

Since the puppy was found without an identifying microchip, by Law she must be kept in quarantine for one month, at the end of which time she will be a candidate for adoption. The SPCA team, who named the puppy Be’eri, report that she is very nervous and frightened, but in the coming month they will accustom her to the company of people and to their touch and will expose her to various stimuli. Meanwhile, Be’eri, who will be a large dog when she matures, is enjoying a heated enclosure, cozy blankets, quality food and loving care.

According to Na’ama Rolnik, the SPCA adoption counselor, and a dog trainer, “Exposure is a critical factor in puppies’ development. Up till the age of six months, it is important that they experience as much as possible that is potentially alarming in their eyes or which might constitute a problem in the future, such as playing with other dogs, noises from busy roads, small children, thunder and lightning, steps, elevators, etc. Canaan dogs tend to be suspicious by nature, and in addition to this, it is quite probable that Be’eri had very little experience with the outside world and so suffers from anxiety. In the coming weeks we will work intensively with her, accustoming her to the presence of people and playing with other dogs, and will expose her to a variety of stimuli”.

Under the care of the SPCA
Under the care of the SPCA

As stated, in about a month, Be’eri will be transferred to the adoption section of the SPCA and will be looking for a loving family who will give her a warm home. Potential adopters are invited to call the SPCA offices at *4553.

Our appreciation goes out to the alert hikers who were so caring and to Ms. Gali Davidson from the Ministry of the Environment for the support and speedy rescue of the puppy.

To watch the rescue video of Be’eri on Ynet website click here.

Law and disorder

A Canaanite dog of one year suffered from severe abuse by its owners, but the police closed the case

It took about two months of watchfulness and medical care at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, to return the joy of living to Bill, a Canaanite dog of one year. However, the human who injured him did not pay any price. The staff of the Society, who brought the name of the abusive owner to the police, found out, and not for the first time, that the law against cruelty to animals has no teeth.

Two months ago Bill was brought to us injured and with exposed flesh as a result of a traumatic burn or exposure to acid as a result of negligence on the part of its owner. The wound that was exposed next to Bill’s right eye has already closed up and his face has returned to normal. Recently Bill received cosmetic surgery at the hands of the Society’s veterinarian, Dr. Aya Peri, who performed a deep peeling of the infected skin while the dog was under general anesthesia. Similarly Bill received intensive antibiotic therapy and anti-bacterial soup and after the skin closed up Bill received cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Aya Peri & Bill
Dr. Aya Peri & Bill

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel brought a complaint to the police against the person who was definitely identified as the owner of the dog. However, in the police no one hurried to take the matter seriously and the file was closed on the contention that it was not known who had done the crime and from lack of public interest. We see the attitude of the police regarding such cases as contemptuous and we stand helpless against the factor that is responsible for the implementation of the law, which is sweeping, time after time, the abuse cases under the rug and leaving animals to pay the prices of non-implementation of the law with their blood and with emotional trauma. Even the Justice Authority does not show any great responsibility regarding the matter, and the phenomenon will lessen only when deterring punishments will be meted out and when abuse criminals will sit behind bars.