Pesach Newsletter, 2014

SPCA Israel presents its traditional Newsletter for Pesach

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Dear Friends,

As we do every year as Pesach approaches, we are sending you our traditional newsletter, summing up the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ activities in recent months.

The rejuvenating Spring atmosphere is also felt here in the SPCA, with the completion of the lobby and veterinary clinic renovations as well as the building of the ramp at the entrance that is intended to make the facility wheelchair accessible. This project, the fruit of the Atzmon Architects & Co. architect’s office, was made possible thanks to contributions from many generous people. We are certain that the new facility and modern clinic will allow us to provide professional service to the public and optimal treatment to the animals in our care.

The Spring season, characterized by the awakening of nature, is also a time of births in the animal world. Amongst these births are multitudes of kittens born on the streets or cruelly abandoned after a non-spayed domestic cat has a litter. In order to prevent these unwanted litters and to minimize the suffering of these poor kittens, please make note of homeless cats in your neighborhood and, when necessary, contact the local authorities that are responsible for spaying and neutering stray cats. You may also call us to make enquiries regarding these procedures in our clinic.

The meaning of the transition from slavery to freedom is reenacted in the SPCA on a daily basis with the horses and donkeys that we rehabilitate. They reach us having experienced abuse and neglect at the hands of their owners, and no one is happier than we are when one of them completes the long rehabilitation process and we are able to find responsible owners for it. Unfortunately, the problem of horses and donkeys is far from being resolved, due to the powerlessness of the authorities, low awareness levels and the lack of budgets and personnel. We continue to put pressure on the various parties to ensure that the authorities care for these animals in a fast and efficient manner.

Recently the production company, zipipro, has joined us in our efforts to find warm homes for the abandoned cats and dogs that reach the SPCA. They have volunteered to produce special video clips on the subject of abandoned animals in an effort to encourage adoption. We wish to thank them most sincerely for this welcome initiative and invite you to watch the videos on our Hebrew YouTube page, and to adopt a new, four-legged friend, who will bring much joy to your lives.

Wishing you Happy Holidays,
The SPCA team
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