Pesach Newsletter, 2013

SPCA Israel presents its traditional Newsletter for Pesach

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Greetings from the Chairwoman, Pesach 2013
Dear animal lovers and friends,

As Pesach and with it, Spring, approach I was asked to write a few words of introduction to our Newsletter. This became difficult because one of the latest additions to our home insists on sitting on me, and helping me type. I’m not complaining, actually I enjoy her and realize how lucky I am to have her and her brothers and sisters; the other animals in our family. Some people say the cats and dogs in our home are lucky because we took them in, but I think it is I who is lucky, being able to give them a warm home.

I am saddened by the fact that each time a major holiday approaches, our organization is flooded with cats, dogs and sometimes other animals, which are no longer wanted. It’s beyond me how people can make this kind of decision; to dispose of a creature they took into their home and heart, made to feel comfortable and loved and then decided to get rid of. Don’t they remember how grateful the same dog or cat was when adopted by them, how much he or she wanted to make them happy, bring a smile to their faces?

It is hard, especially for our staff, to see this happening, knowing that finding a new home is not possible in all cases, and even more so when the animal is older. Therefore we were all so very, very glad when Simba, a nine year old mixed-breed Golden Retriever who had been unashamedly dumped by its owner at the Society, did find a new home just before I started writing these lines. I wish more people would opt for older animals, not that I don’t want to see the younger ones adopted as well.

Still, I would like to send a prayer in favor of adopting an older animal, maybe as an additional pet to the one you already have. Please give it some thought. From my experience, when there is one pet at home, there is always space for another one; they keep each other company when their owners go out and more than everything, they enrich our lives.

I wish you, in the name of all our staff, a Happy Holiday Season, Chag Sameach,

Hilma Shmoshkovitz
Chairperson (Volunteer)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel
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