One day I will spread my wings

The Society supports the Anonymous Voluntary Organization in the battle against factory farming

The source of 98% of the eggs in Israel is from factory farming. Packed in these cages the chickens are kept in terrible overcrowding, which prevents them from walking around and spreading their wings, and causes them to attack one another. They are wounded by the metal latticework and the sloping grid flooring, and all their natural needs are negated. Furthermore, in order to increase the rate of egg laying, the chicken coups are kept in darkness and the birds are starved for long periods.

7 million hens are caged up in Israel in factory farms in cruel conditions that have been outlawed in many countries in the free world. In the light of research and from consumer pressure, the countries of the European Union started a gradual process of replacing the factory farm conditions with multilevel chicken coups without cages (flying coups). However, in Israel they decided to invest a great deal of money in perpetuating the existing conditions.

Three years ago, the Israeli government authorized a budget of 300 million NIS to execute a ‘reform’ in the egg industry. This ‘reform’ subsidizes the establishment of a huge farm with factory farm conditions that will supply two thirds of the egg needs of Israel.

Thus the organized abuse of the hens is continuing at the expense of the taxpayers. In addition, they are also expropriating public lands to build this farm. This decision, which has financial, public, environmental, consumer and real estate repercussions, will leave its mark for years into the future. Therefore the struggle against the factory farm ‘reform’ is critical.

At a deliberation that was held, a few weeks ago, at the Knesset Education Committee, it was decided that the Ministry of Agriculture must change the regulations regarding the hens so that they would meet the international standards of animal welfare conditions.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel supports the struggle against factory farming and the new ‘reform’ that is being led by the Anonymous Voluntary Organization, and we hope that the suffering and the abuse of the chickens will cease.