Kittens in a bag are thrown into a refuse container

Three small kittens were thrown into a refuse container by an inebriated man

Another case of abuse of cats occurred about two weeks ago at about 2:30 in the morning. At that time a call came in to police headquarters about kittens that had been thrown into a refuse container on Nachalat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv, next to Hotel Nordau. A security guard who works close to the hotel is the one who called the police, after he saw one of the guests of the hotel throwing a garbage bag into the container and returning to the hotel. His suspicions were awoken when immediately afterwards howling noises were heard coming from the refuse container.

The security guard began to search within the refuse container until he found three small kittens, about two weeks old, within the bag that the hotel guest had thrown there. The security guard contacted police headquarters, and within minutes a patrol team arrived at the site from the Lev Tel Aviv – Yarkon area police station, who saw before their eyes the frightened kittens.

Limor Rostmein, one of the police officers who arrived at the site of the occurrence, said that when the police team entered the hotel they found the man, who had thrown away the kittens, totally inebriated. The mother cat was found in his hotel room along with three other small kittens. The man claimed that he thought the kittens were dead and therefore he threw them out. According to the policewoman, the man who threw out the kittens was so drunk that he could not perceive whether the kittens were alive or dead.

The police team arrested the man for further questioning at the Lev Tel Aviv station house. The policewoman, Limor Rostmein, collected the six kittens and their mother and contacted Hilma Shmoshkovitz, the chairwoman of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, who quickly alerted a Society worker to meet the policewoman to collect the cats and bring them to the Society. The mother and kittens have been at the Society since then and have gotten used to their new surroundings. In another two months, when the kittens will be big and strong enough, we will be able to put them up for adoption, and we hope to find warm homes for them.

We wish to thank the security guard, who showed responsibility, and the policewoman, Limor Rostmein, through whose efforts the kittens were saved. Sadly, there are many other cats living in the streets whose luck is quiet different than that of these kittens, and who will meet their end in atrocious deaths by way of road accidents, abuse, cold, hunger and illnesses. We fervently hope that these things will not happen in the future, but together with this we are full of hope that the officers in the Israel Police will be sensitive to the subject of animals, and will function correctly, as did Limor Rostmein.