Juli’s Eyes

Juli, a sweet puppy, who was saved thanks to the initiative of a soldier-girl, was hospitalized and treated in the clinic of the Society. Now he is waiting for good people to adopt him

A few weeks ago the story of Juli was published on our website – he was a puppy of mixed breed of about 3 months old, who was wandering around for about a month on the Juliss base while suffering from a bad injury. One of the girl soldiers serving on the base, who could not stand anylonger the shocking condition of the injured puppy, turned to us and asked for help.

In spite of the lack of help or cooperation that the official veternarian of the IDF showed, in the merit of the stubbornness of the girl soldier, we received authorization to come to the base and to take the injured puppy. The puppy was rushed to our clinic and was cared for by Dr. Demitri Waldko. According to his diagnosis, the puppy was bitten on its lower back, apparently by another dog. Since it did not receive medical treatment for a long time, puss accumulated under its skin and an open infected wound was created that did not allow stitches, and therefore the time of recuperation was very long.

The dog, which was dehydrated and apathetic, was however operated upon and hospitalized in the Society’s clinic. Today, after the wound closed and Juli finished his quarantine (which had to be carried out legally) he is healthy and is awaiting a warm and loving home. Despite the fact that fate was not kind to him in his first months of life, he is full of joy of life and will be very grateful to anyone who will adopt him into their heart and home. If Juli touches your heart and you are willing to take on the serious obligation that is part of raising this puppy, please come to the Society or contact us to receive additional information: *4553.