How can we help?

In addition to monetary donations, there are other ways in which you can help us and the animals at the shelter

We often hear the question “How can we help you?” As a non-profit association whose work is only made possible thanks to donations, any donation, large or small, helps us continue our long-term activities for the welfare of animals. In addition to monetary donations, there are other ways in which you can help us and the animals at the shelter:

Adopting an animal: There are dozens of animals at the shelter at any given time. All they seek is a warm home and loving owners. Our adoption counselors will be happy to take you through our customary “responsible adoption” process and help you find a new four-legged friend who will bring love and happiness into your lives.

Volunteering: Our invaluable volunteers give so much to the abandoned animals, to their relationships with people and to instilling habits that make it easier for them to find a home. You are welcome to join our volunteer training days that take place twice a week, and then to drop by in your free time, with no need to coordinate in advance. Additionally, we will be happy to accept help from skilled professionals.

Group volunteering: Come and visit the SPCA! Our Humane Education Department runs hundreds of educational activities each year for a variety of groups, including guided tours and meeting the animals. You are invited to contact us for further information about our unique activities for groups and opportunities for ‘community contribution’ days for company employees.

Equipment: Has the vet recommended you change the dog’s dry food? Does your cat not like the litter you bought? You are welcome to bring us food, cat litter or any unused equipment (leashes, collars, pet carriers, litter boxes, toys, padded beds or scratching poles). Additionally, we will be happy to receive used blankets, towels and sheets to warm the animals during the cold winter months.

Recycling: As part of the SPCA Club activities, schools and preschools collect bottles and cans for recycling. All proceeds go to buy food for the animals dwelling at the Society’s shelter. Similar activities take place in other settings, such as work places and food outlets, and the giving is twofold – benefiting both the animals and the environment.

Reporting: Have you seen an animal in distress? Don’t ignore it. Call the Society’s call center, and we will either handle the case or refer you to appropriate authorities.

Medical treatment: Our veterinary clinic is open to the public seven days a week and offers veterinary treatments at affordable prices. If your animal is not spayed or neutered, the procedure can be performed at our clinic. This will contribute to the health of your pet and reduce propagation and the suffering of animals who are often cruelly abandoned on the streets or find it difficult to find an adoptive home.

Social networks: Even the smallest click can have a great impact. On SPCA’s Facebook page you will find important messages, information about the animals up for adoption and various programs and activities. Please Like or Share our posts to give them more exposure.

Parents and children: The SPCA Club has members from preschools and schools who help the animals in different ways. Tell your teachers about our Club and ask them to contact us. In addition, you can celebrate your child’s birthday at the SPCA with a unique added-value party, and come see us for group visits during the summer.

Do you have other ideas about how to help the animals? Contact us at *4553.

The SPCA team and the animals wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.