Freedom Calls

Just before the stables are renovated, rehabilitated donkeys find a warm home

After five intensive years, during which more than 500 horses and donkeys were saved from suffering and cruel abuse and then rehabilitated, the Society’s stables urgently need immediate renovations. In order to put the renovation plans into action, the stables’ grooms had to find good housing solutions for the rehabilitated animals, and the search for suitable people with experience in caring for these animals was put into high gear.

After abuse and suffering was their daily fate for extended periods of time, the donkeys who finally reached the Society were rehabilitated and cared for by a team of skilled caregivers. Last week, a permanent solution was found for them, and four donkeys set off for their new home – hundreds of acres of green, natural pastures. The donkeys joined the herd of 80 donkeys already living in this northern paradise, some of whom had been brought there in the past by the Society. Not only will the donkeys in their new, safe and protected home not return to the circle of suffering, they are also helping to thin out the weeds growing around the organic fish ponds in a natural way, thus avoiding the need for chemicals.

Upon arrival, the donkeys who were taken off the truck immediately understood that they had reached a safe haven and began to devour the weeds, to gallop in the fields and to smell freedom to its full extent. The four donkeys have acclimatized well and we are sure that they will enjoy good and happy lives.

If you love horses and donkeys and if saving them from abuse and bringing them to rehabilitation is a subject close to your hearts, please give a few minutes of your time to reading about the Society’s Activities on this subject.

Donations, even the smallest, will be welcome. The donations will go towards renovating the stables, and preparing them to take in more horses and donkeys.