A Warm Winter for the Animals

Anita is doing the laundry and making a request: Contribute blankets and heating equipment for the dogs and cats

Winter is already here: the winds are blowing, the rain is falling and often the nights are very cold. We, in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel are making every effort to ensure that the animals in our care will get through the cold season comfortably by providing them with all the necessary means to protect them from the cold.

While our cat home is a closed and solid building, equipped with air conditioners, heating the kennels is a far greater challenge. Last year the Society invested a substantial sum of money in installing rain and wind-shield awnings which can be closed when necessary. Now we need to heat the enclosures themselves, and, following consultation with experts in the field, it has been decided to equip the dog kennels with infra-red heating lamps. These lamps have many advantages: instant and focused heating, low electricity consumption, water and wind resistance, extensive life spans of thousands of hours of use without need of ongoing maintenance. In addition, the lamps are user-friendly, non-toxic and approved by the European and Israeli Standards Institutes.

If you are interested in helping the abandoned dogs to get through the winter warmly and pleasantly, we will be happy to accept your contributions towards the purchase of the lamps. The price of each lamp is NIS 200.

These days, our laundry room is also working overtime in order to supply the cats and dogs with clean and warm bedding. The person who volunteered to help us out in this mission is no other than Anita Felali, who, in a video clip, calls on all the public to donate blankets, sheets, towels and other means of heating for the animals. These items, as well as your donations for buying heating equipment, will be warmly received in the offices of the SPCA at 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv.

We wish you and all the animals a cozy winter.