The Mongoose Garden

The staff of the Society caught a mongoose (marten) in a private garden and let it go free in the wild

An unexpected guest arrived recently at the home of a Rishon LeTzion resident who has a cat feeding area in her garden. The resident of the house started to hear unclear noises from the direction of her garden and in the wake of this she decided to contact the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel to find out what was going on. The staff of the Society laid a trap in the garden and to their great surprise it turned out that a mongoose was the one responsible for the noise. The mongoose was taken to the Society’s clinic and after a short consultation with the Wild Animal Hospital of the Nature Authority it was decided to free it in the wild.

In Israel the mongoose is common in open spaces, in the forest, in thickets, in wetlands and in the oases of the desert, in the Mediterranean area and on Mt. Hermon. The mongoose is a social animal that lives in families consisting of one male and two or three females and their young. Their food is very varied: insects, birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, fruit, vegetables, rodents and snakes. Preying on snakes by the mongoose constitutes an important factor in the regulation of the population of the vipers.

In recent years the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has received more and more referrals regarding wild animals in trouble. The reason for this stems from the massive building and the real estate projects that are limiting the living space of wild animals and which ‘push’ them into residential areas. The Society is turning to the mayors of cities with the request to fund areas in the center that will be defined as a nature conservatory and for greenery.Similarly, above roads, ecological corridors need to be set up so that animals can increase their numbers safely.

If you have also identified animals in trouble, please contact us at the telephone number: *4553.