Someone hears me

The education department of the Society hosted a group of hearing impaired youngsters from the Shema Center in Tel Aviv

Last week we were happy to host a group of children and mentors from the Shema Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Students in Tel Aviv. The excited children received an explanation of the activities of the Society, took a tour of the facilities, and the height of the visit was taking the dogs that are waiting to be adopted out for walks.

This activity was arranged by the Department for Humane Education of the Society, which hosts different groups of youth and adults (school classes, youth movements, soldiers, youth from the Diaspora, imperiled children and youth, and more) and carries out activities in schools, community centers and in youth movements.

Shema was founded in 1968 by parents and volunteers with the goal of providing for the special needs of hearing impaired students (deaf and hard of hearing) in the fields of education, rehabilitation, welfare and their integration into the hearing able society – all this in a loving, supportive and encouraging environment. Among the services given by Shema: locating hearing impaired students, communications rehabilitation, hearing and speaking training and language development, lending hearing aids and assistance in purchasing them, diagnosis and psychological and social counseling, tutoring and enrichment classes, widening the awareness of the difficulties and the unique needs of the hearing impaired student, provision of grants and support for higher education and for professional specialization, absorption of hearing impaired immigrant students, initiatives for legislation and more.